Chapter News

Welcome New Members!

Please welcome the following new members of the Michigan Chefs d’ Cuisine:

Culinarians: Chester J. Bell

Professionals: Brian Cromwell, Ann Marie L. Gross, Thomas J. Poyma

Students: Adrian R. Evans, Chihhui Hsu, Austin E. Leake, Tahisha Moore, Kayla Noel

Culinary Enthusiast: Dennis N. Haag

Associate: Brittany Foley


Congratulations to the following members of the Michigan Chefs d’ Cuisine:

Certifications: Callie Louise de Gracia, CC, Nov. 2017; David L. Hooper, CEC, CCA, Nov. 2017; Demetrios Kyprianos, CEC, Nov. 2017

Recertifications: Laurie I. Dorich, CEC, Nov. 2017; Jeffrey M. Gabriel, CMC, Dec. 2017; Terri M. Herrera, CCE, Nov. 2017; Christopher Hessler, CEC, Nov. 2017; James F. Kokenyesdi, CEC, CCA, AAC, Nov. 2017


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