President’s Letter

January 2018

I would like to wish our membership a very Happy New Year. This is a great industry we work in and although we are the ones working while other people are out celebrating there is a certain sense of pride I take in serving guests, or in my case travelers, this time of year. We should also take the time to thank our families for their patience while we work this time of year the most hours.

I would like to thank everyone on the Board of Director’s for all the work everyone has put in this year. As I wrap up my third year as President of the most active chapter in the American Culinary Federation I truly appreciate everyone. I have the privilege of going to the Regional and National conferences where I am constantly told from other chapters and our National Board how proud they are of the Michigan Chefs de Cuisine and hold us as the standard of the Federation. Every time I am told this I always respond with the same thing that this is because of our membership and the sincere interest everyone has in the chapter and our community.

As we turn to the New Year and my fourth and final year as President I am very proud to announce the launch of our new web site. We have been working very hard on this for a year and cannot wait to share it with you. As this newsletter is mailed out it will be simultaneous with the launch. Please check it out and while it is not a final product yet I hope you will be impressed. This new web site will allow us to communicate better and should ease the pain of not just the annual Golf outing and Chef of the Year dinner but also the ball game in June. The links that will be implemented will give the membership a much easier time seeing what is happening with the MCCA and ACF. Special thanks go out to John Gouin of Graphikitchen, Brian Lorge and Jim Kokenyesdi.

A reminder for anyone going to ChefConnect in Newport Beach this March please register soon. If anyone has registered, or will be, please let us know so that we can plan on getting together as a chapter. This is something we started in Hawaii and was well received last year in Chicago as well. I would like to do the same thing again if we can coordinate everyone’s seminar and meal plans.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming meeting this Monday, January 8th at the Tiger Club in Comerica Park. And for our February 12th meeting hosted by Eric Gackenbach, CEC and the students and staff at Henry Ford College.

Please have a safe New Year and we will see you on Monday.

Brian Henson, President

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