Chef Brian Henson

From The President

January 2015

I hope everyone had a happy, safe and successful New Year's Holiday. It is an honor taking over as President of the ACF Michigan Chefs de Cuisine from Brian Beland, CMC. I decided 4 years ago to get back involved with the MCCA and become treasurer not knowing Chef Beland personally and can tell you he is one the most humble but talented chefs I have ever known. He has elevated our association behind the scenes nationally and we are a better chapter because of his work these last two years. In many ways he has laid the ground work to make my position easier but it will be extremely difficult to fill his shoes.

I would also like to thank Randy Smith, CEC for his help and dedication. Randy will pick up the phone and answer any question at any time and we would not be as strong of a chapter without his work and we are very lucky to have him. Thank you to our Executive Director, Brian Lorge. Along with helping our chapter, many of you may not know he is also involved in the ACF Windy City Chapter in Chicago and the ACF Cleveland Chapter. I want to thank him in advance for correcting my letters as well as his guidance on the national level. Last I would like to thank Doug Ganhs, CEC, ACE and "The Kevin's" - Chefs Enright and Brennan for helping guide the Board of Directors for many years and for having the confidence in me to take on this important position.

I would like to challenge all our membership to become more active in our chapter. We will only continue to be successful if you as an association push for the things that matter to you for your career and what you think will make us better. We look for any and all ideas that will make the MCCA and ACF more beneficial to you and our community.

This month our meeting was held at Trevarrow, Inc. in Auburn Hills. I have had the opportunity to teach a class there as have many chefs in our chapter. They have very unique kitchen show rooms you will want to check out, especially if you are considering a home kitchen remodel. Deni Smiljanovski, owner of Lazybones Smokehouse provided the food for this meeting. Thanks to Chef Deni for taking time away from opening his new restaurant, Brown Iron Brewhouse which I am patiently waiting for his opening. The educational portion of the meeting was on honey bees and bee keeping from Jean-Francois Faloppa. This is a really interesting and important topic and I am now looking into establishing a honey bee colony at my club as is Chef Beland at Country Club of Detroit. I think these types of presentations are what really make our chapter valuable to our membership and stimulate us as chefs to reach beyond our normal comfort zones and try new things. In February we will be back to Henry Ford College and will enjoy a very interesting presentation from the Ontario Green House Growers.

Looking ahead to 2015 we have three chefs representing the Michigan Chefs de Cuisine at the ACF Regional Chef of the Year and Pastry Chef of the Year competition in Little Rock, Arkansas. Amy Knoles of Country Club of Detroit and Eric Voigt from Big Rock Chophouse will compete for Pastry Chef of the Year. Having two Chefs from a single chapter competing in the same category is something we should be very proud of. Andrew Sayes, CEC, from The Townsend Hotel, will compete in the regional Chef of the Year competition as well. If you see any of these chefs around please wish them luck. Jeremy Abbey, CEC, CEPC, CCE, CCA is nominated for regional educator of the year and will represent us at the convention in Indianapolis. Please keep safe and warm and I hope to see everyone at our next meeting.

Brian Henson, President, ACF Michigan Chefs de Cuisine